Beau De L’or – Divine Sensation Spray



Hi All,

Just want to share this wonderfull spray with you!
It’s called Divine Sensation Spray and i absolutely love it!
First of all, it’s very easy to use. Just spray it on and it atomized softly on your skin. You can use it on clean skin, but also over day creme and liqid makeup.
It can be used at every moment of the day, to give your skin a quick refreshing and nurturing boost.
The aroma is very nice and soft and can be combined with your parfume.
I have a dry skin and it makes my skin softer and gives it a nice, soft glow.
And also….It just looks good! The spray and the packing have a very nice and modern look! With the handy size, you can easely put it in your handbag and take it with you everywhere and also good to know, it’s allowed, to take it on a plane!

A few years ago, creator of the spray, Laurette, started Beau de L’or as a beauty salon in Amsterdam. Laurette wanted to have a product, that nurtures your skin and also gives it a healthy glow in just one act. And that’s how the idea of Divine Sensation spray was born. It took 8 years to make it perfect, but she did a wonderful job!

For me, being a mom and having my own compagny, it really is an ideal product, and i can highly recommend it to all you wonderfull ladies, with busy lives!

If you go to Beau de L’or, you get a discound of 10%, when you enter the code, franamsterdam.

I’m a big fan of this spray and i’m sure, you’ll love it too!



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