The beautiful Dominican Republic

Hi all!❤️

After a long time, I’m back again with a blogpost about the amazing Dominican Republic, where I was last April😍
Together with Godomrepbenelux and a group of 3 other bloggers, (authentic chica, Dutch blogger on the move and little wander book) and a photographer ( joyce van Galen) and what a great trip it was! 🙌🏻
I never been to the Dominican Republic, but visiting the Carribean was high on my wishlist! And I haven’t been dissapointed😊 It’s really everything you think it is and better😉 white beaches, palmtrees, blue water and colorful places! And ofcourse delicious food❤️
I Will show you the beautiful places we visited and hope (and think😉) you Will love it as much as I do!
On the first day we arrived, after a long flight with air Europa, at the DR and at 8 pm we arrived at our first stay, the amazing casa de Campo 💞 This was such a beautiful, tropical place. Very luxury and big! Even the kardasians love it here😉 That has to say something😁
We got each our own golfcars to drive around at the resort! That was so fun! Hahah
On the first day, we stayed at the resort. But we still did enough, because it’s so big! Went to the pool and the beach and at night ate delicious mexican food at la cantina. Located at Altos de Chavón, a replica of an 16 century village! Loved it! And we got a beautiful sunset also😍






*Casa de campo pics, of the first day*

After another amazing night (the beds are great and the rooms cool😍) and delicious breakfast, we made a trip to the beautiful and tropical Saona Island! We went with a speedboat! That was such fun😆 we where drinking out of coconuts and made pics on the beach and in front of the lovely colored houses💞



* Saona island*

After the beach visit we went on our way, to chic punta cana an adults only resort, where we stayed in a massive and luxury mansion😱😍 each our own room with jacuzzi and a private swimmingpool at the centre of the mansion! And our own butler! What an experience!
That night whe’re having diner at the Gastronomy room, at the resort, where whe’re spoiled with an 8 courses diner, influenced by different countries. Very delicious!

chic 3



* Chic Punta Cana*

The next day (again the bed an room are amazing!) we have a busy day ahaid, on which we go surfing (I skipped this because of a stomach ache) and drink pinacolada out of pineapples at Macao surf camp and go horse riding on the beach, followed by a another delicious lunch😍
After the lunch we go to Montaña Redonda! After a bumby ride we arrive on top of the mountain and all take a swing!😱 what a view and experience 😍
That night we have diner at the resort and after that we watch a show and I was pulled on stage for a striptease😩😂 terrible! Hahaha
But a nice memorie😂 can laugh about it now🙈



*Macao beach and Montaña Redonda*

The next day we go to Scape park, where we visit a blue lagoon Hoyo Azul and go ziplining (very high and fast😱)

*Hoyo Azul*

After that we drive to the beautiful old town Santo Domingo, where we stay at the historical Hostal Nicolás de Ovando. A beautiful and authentic hotel, located in the centre of the collonial erea and that night we eat in the lovely centre of Santo Domingo at Pat’e Palo. After another good night sleep, we visit the beautiful old village on a bike and take a lot of pics😍





*Santo Domingo*

After lunch we go on a 3 hours drive to samaná and have mojito’d and diner and take pics at the beach of Las Terrenas😁 Before we go to our next luxury resort The Bannister Hotel and Yacht club.

*Las Terrenas beach*

Again the beds are amazing! And after breakfast we visit the beautiful waterfall Cascada Limon After an one hour hike, we arrive at this beautiful location💞 And take a refreshing dive, before we hike back and have a delicious lunch👌🏻 After that we drive to Playa Rincon, a beautiful beach🌴
And that night we have diner and take sunset shots, at the resort.



*Waterfall Cascada limon, laya Rincon and The Bannister*

Before we fly home, we have some time to visit Playa Coson and have lunch at restaurant Luis, where we have our last and most delicious pina colada😍
After this final stop, we drive to the AirPort, from where we fly back with Air Europe✈️


I arrived back home, with 6 pounds extra and a terrible jetlag😱😂 But most of all, amazing memories and new friends❤️ The Dominican Republic surprised me in many ways! Thought it’s all about white beaches and palmtrees (which ofcourse isn’t bad also😉) but has so much more to offer! And hope that I have showed you that with my blog😊

I hoped you enjoyed reading and who knows, I inspired you to visit the beautiful Dominican Republic🌴☀️