Djarling hair.

Hi all,

I want to share with you, the wonderful experience I had at YellSL, the hair salon, of Mariëlle Bastiaansen, who you might know from tv, because she was a tv hairdresser also. But now she runs her own hair salon, in Breda.

I have had hair weaving for years now and I have been looking for good hair and not too expencive. The cheaper hair, does look great when you buy it, but after you wash it, it looks and feels like rope or something… Not what I want!

Not so long ago, I heard about Djarling hair for the first time and it made me curious. So as I wanted a new weave and a good one, i did some research online and that’s how i found Mariëlle. From the beginning of 2017 she is the official destribitur of Djarling, in The Netherlands and Belgium. Al the good reviews and stories online, made me decide to go to Breda and I am so happy i did! First of all, the salon is so beautiful! And Mariëlle is very sweet:) She picked the colors for my hair and after that, her college made tiny braids in my hair and stitched the hair to the braids. The result is beautiful long hair, in exact my hair colors. You really don’t see that it’s in there! So happy with it! And yes I’ve washed it a couple of times already and it still feels and looks amazing!

As there’s a lot of fake hair going around, who claime to be Djarling, Mariëlle has now labels on the hair. So when you buy it, you can see that it’s original Djarling hair.

So what more can I say? I haven’t been so happy with my hair in years! Quality is so good and the price is good also. If you’re thinking about getting your hair longer, or just to make it fuller with hair weaving, i would highly recommend Djarling hair! I never want anything else anymore! ;) And ofcourse, if you have a hair salon and thinking about starting with hair weaving from Djarling, you can always contact Mariëlle, for more information!