Flower power

Hi all,

How do you like this look, with this suit of Hunkon and Gucci bag?
I just love all the colors!
The day we where shooting it was storming in Amsterdam!
Almost lost my hat!
Just really looking forward to spring! How about you?
One more month to go ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Pics by Rosanne

Suit – Hunkon
Bag – Gucci
hat – Carlala fashion
Watch – Kerbholz


Festival-Dutch style


Hi everyone!

A week ago Summer has started, but it has been terrible weather… Really want the sun to come back! And I think I’m not speaking for myself alone;)
Anyhow, i did a Dutch festival look. You can put your bag and jacket in the locker and keep the cute and very handy smartphone case, from BYBI with you. I really think it’s ideal, because you can take it with you easily, because of the chain, that you can take of also. But you can just hang it around your neck and your phone and cards can come with you and have a very secure place, because it’s very solid. And the case is made by real, high quality leather. Don’t have to say, that i really liked what i saw and felt, when i saw the case for the first time! Take a look at their site, because they have a lot of pretty cases, in different materials and prices.
The day i shot this look, it was sunny in the morning, so this week that was a very rare moment.. haha
Well till next time and feel free to leave a comment! Do you like the look?


Outfit details: Smartphonecase, BYBI /Jeans, jacket and lace top, Mooi By Es / Bag, Fran Amsterdam / Sneaker, Converse.






Cute little town and pancakes

Hi all,

Today I want to share with you a village, where me and my family have been coming for 30 years now.. There’s a cute and good pancake restaurant, called “De witte swaen”. Don’t have to tell you my son loves this place and it was his idea to go there;)
Besides that restaurant, the old village is really beautiful, with a lot of characteristic, old farm houses. Smaller ones, but also big ones. Would’t mind living there!!
The place is calles “Broek in Waterland” and if you’re in the neighborhood, I can really recommend, to make a visit and have some pancakes too;)
I took pictures, to share with you, so you can get an idea and feeling about the place..
Enjoy and till next time!


Outfit details: Blouse & slippers, H&M / ripped jeans, Mango / bag, Louis Vuitton








Fran meets DressMiJo

Hi sweethearts!

As you know, I make my own bags and it always makes me happy, when I notice someone, who makes his/her own things also. it gives me a special feeling, when I know, it’s not being made, in a factory somewhere far away, but just comes from someones passion to create something beautiful!
On instagram I noticed DressMiJo and i loved her clothesright away!
Handmade clothes, with a bohemian touch.. what more can I wish for! ;)
I had the change to meet the lady behind DressMiJo, Jolanda and we had a fun day, where i got the chance to wear her clothes and shoot some pictures! I really love the things she makes and also, she is a very lovely, sweet lady!

Here you have the pictures whe took that day. Hope you like them! It was a little bit windy, but also very sunny, so we got the change to take some nice shots!






So tell me, do you like the looks? And which one do you like the most??
The jackets and scarf, can be found on DressMiJo.nl


Bloggers and bags

Hi All!

After a long time, i’m back with a new blog. For the last period, i just focused on my bags, but i did mis blogging.. So here i am, with a fresh start.

This post, i want to share, some great bloggers, who featured my bags in their blogs!
My bags have gone to different places in Europe and i’m very proud of that!

I’m gonna share some beautiful pictures of the bloggers and who they are! This post is about two of them and next week, i’ll show you the others

Starting with Demi van Beijnen
Here you have the beautiful pictures..
Demi van Beijnen

Demi van Beijnen

The next Pictures are from Laura, from The guest girl
For her, the bag had to go to Spain!

The Guest Girl

The Guest Girlfringes_bag

I’m very happy with the results!

Soon i’ll post another blog, so stay tuned!
Have a lovely week!

X Fran