Flower power

Hi all,

How do you like this look, with this suit of Hunkon and Gucci bag?
I just love all the colors!
The day we where shooting it was storming in Amsterdam!
Almost lost my hat!
Just really looking forward to spring! How about you?
One more month to go ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Pics by Rosanne

Suit – Hunkon
Bag – Gucci
hat – Carlala fashion
Watch – Kerbholz


Bloggers and bags part 2

Hi everyone!!

As i mentioned in my previous post, i’ll show you some pictures of bloggers, that have a Fran Amsterdam bag.
For the first one, the bag had to go to Germany, to the lovely marion from 1022mari22 on instagram!



For the next blogger, i had to go to Schiphol, to deliver the bag, just moments before she got on the plane to Ibiza!
And it was worth it! Loved the Pictures and post from Sandra, from “More Style Than Fashion”


So, that are two other great bloggers, who made beautiful pictures!
Next week, there are some others i want to share with you also. So see you then and enjoy your weekend!

Bye and XXX

The week before Christmas

Merry Christmas

Last week was a lot about networking for me. Also my son had his birthday and with Christmas around the corner, it was a busy week!
Last week I went 2 days to “The masters of LXRY” in the Amsterdam RAI. I’ve met some very nice and interesting people and saw beautiful things. Next year I want to exhibit my bags there.

Last Saturday I went to a party of NSMBL and One Piece, with a friend of mine. We both got a One Piece! Nice!

The leather that I don’t use for my bags I give to her. With her compagny “Nona Suli” she makes beautiful, new things of old and used materials. Recycle and upcycle. Great!


Saturday, was also the day, my little boy got 4! We celebrated it on Sunday. And then Christmas was almost there. Between everything I’ve been making bucket bags. I’ll finish them this weekend, after Christmas. I think they’re getting very nice!


See you next time and have a wonderful Christmas!

X Francisca


This first blog is to introduce myself and to tell who I am, what I do and what I love. I’m a (single) mom, of a beautiful son, named Gabriël and we live in a village near Amsterdam. This Saturday he’ll become four years  already! Time flies! foto2 I’ve always loved beautiful things and a few months after the birth of my son, i decided to do something I’m very passionate about. I wanted to learn how to make bags. Luxury bags, made of the finest leather and wanted to learn how to make them myself! So that meant I had to go to school and so I did. I went to “Het Leerlokaal” in Arnhem and learned how to design and make leather bags. And that was the beginning of “Fran Amsterdam” my label of luxury leather goods. foto3 Besides making bags, I just love the beautiful things life has to offer and love writing about it and that’s how the idea of this blog came to my mind. So I am just going to blog about all the things i’m passionate about and see where things go! Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food and of-course my bags get a special place!