Flower power

Hi all,

How do you like this look, with this suit of Hunkon and Gucci bag?
I just love all the colors!
The day we where shooting it was storming in Amsterdam!
Almost lost my hat!
Just really looking forward to spring! How about you?
One more month to go ;)
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Pics by Rosanne

Suit – Hunkon
Bag – Gucci
hat – Carlala fashion
Watch – Kerbholz


Bloggers and bags part 2

Hi everyone!!

As i mentioned in my previous post, i’ll show you some pictures of bloggers, that have a Fran Amsterdam bag.
For the first one, the bag had to go to Germany, to the lovely marion from 1022mari22 on instagram!



For the next blogger, i had to go to Schiphol, to deliver the bag, just moments before she got on the plane to Ibiza!
And it was worth it! Loved the Pictures and post from Sandra, from “More Style Than Fashion”


So, that are two other great bloggers, who made beautiful pictures!
Next week, there are some others i want to share with you also. So see you then and enjoy your weekend!

Bye and XXX

Shooting time

Mother and son

Hi all!

Finally i’ve started with my compagny “Fran Amsterdam”.. It has been an ecxiting period, but it feels good, to have made the step!

Some time ago, i’ve had a shoot in Amsterdam, with the talented photographer Ilyas Kaddouri! Very glad with the result!

There already has been a new shoot, but first wanted to show you these photo’s.

On the pictures i’m wearing a zilver/grey cardigan and a red one. The’re also handmade here in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, by Kiro by Kim.   

I’m a big fan of her work! Beautifull colors and materials and ofcourse handmade!

Here you have the other pictures..

Fran Amsterdam

Fran Amsterdam

fran amsterdam





Bye and till next time!!


X Fran


Fran Amsterdam / Kirobykim / ilyasKaddouri / hm / zara  /tisento / Mango