Hotel Nassau Breda

Hi all!

In this post, i’m gonna tell you all about my wonderful stay, at Hotel Nassau Breda and share pictures of my stay over there.

It truly was an amazing visit! We (me, my mom and son) had the Panoramic Suite, with a great view and a wonderful bathroom and bed!

We went to Breda with the train. Sometimes we like to do that. We walked from the station, to the hotel. That was about 15 minutes. Did I say, it was the hottest day of the year! When we arrived in the hotel, we really where overwelmed by all the beautiful details! The hotel is in a monumental building and it’s an old convent. The breakfast room is at the choir in the chapel and is the most beautiful breakfast room I’ve ever seen;) After exploring Breda for a moment, and having a mojito, we had diner at Liefdesgesticht, the hotel Restaurant. This was a delicious and surprising diner!

The hotel room was besides beautiful, very cool, what was very welcome on This hot day;) We were welcomed with champagne! I also want to mention the staff, who were so friendly and really helpful:) We had an amazing visit in Breda and would love to visit the hotel again, in the future! It really was amazing!

Here are the pictures of my stay in the Hotel. Hope you enjoy! I did;)









Hi all!

Last Saturday night I had a delicious diner at Wagamama, in Amsterdam, Amstelstraat 8.
I’ll show you some pics of the diner we had and the desert. It really was great! I took my friend Jennifer, from By Jen and we had a wonderful evening!
Food tasted amazing and the staff was very friendly! And diner is served quickly;)
Wagamama, is an Asian food restaurant. It has an open kitchen, so you can see how the food is prepared.
If you want to see more, you can take a look at the vlog, that Jennifer made! (In Dutch)
We had a lot of different things, like scampi’s and a curry and beef teriyaki and more and not to forget delcious deserts, with chocolat cake and cheesecake. ;)
On top of all, I can give away 5 diners for two, in the soon to be open Wagamama in Rotterdam! How cool is that? Before the restaurant opens, you get the change to have a preview diner, before it officialy opens! I wright more about it on my Instagram and Facebook.
Here you have the pictures of the evening.
Till next time!







Fran meets DressMiJo

Hi sweethearts!

As you know, I make my own bags and it always makes me happy, when I notice someone, who makes his/her own things also. it gives me a special feeling, when I know, it’s not being made, in a factory somewhere far away, but just comes from someones passion to create something beautiful!
On instagram I noticed DressMiJo and i loved her clothesright away!
Handmade clothes, with a bohemian touch.. what more can I wish for! ;)
I had the change to meet the lady behind DressMiJo, Jolanda and we had a fun day, where i got the chance to wear her clothes and shoot some pictures! I really love the things she makes and also, she is a very lovely, sweet lady!

Here you have the pictures whe took that day. Hope you like them! It was a little bit windy, but also very sunny, so we got the change to take some nice shots!






So tell me, do you like the looks? And which one do you like the most??
The jackets and scarf, can be found on


Bloggers and bags part 2

Hi everyone!!

As i mentioned in my previous post, i’ll show you some pictures of bloggers, that have a Fran Amsterdam bag.
For the first one, the bag had to go to Germany, to the lovely marion from 1022mari22 on instagram!



For the next blogger, i had to go to Schiphol, to deliver the bag, just moments before she got on the plane to Ibiza!
And it was worth it! Loved the Pictures and post from Sandra, from “More Style Than Fashion”


So, that are two other great bloggers, who made beautiful pictures!
Next week, there are some others i want to share with you also. So see you then and enjoy your weekend!

Bye and XXX


Hi all!

It has been a while since i’ve been sharing a post. Have been busy with all kind off things. But i can finally say, that tomorrow, i’ll officially start with my bussiness, so from now on, you can order a bag!

All my bags are made with high quality leather and will have a serial number inside.

The webshop will also soon be online, but you already can talk with me, about your special wishes and order a bag!


Xx Fran :)


Bag names..


Hi all!,

Finally i´m getting at the point where i´ll officially start with my company! Somewhere in April.. So that´s very exciting and great news!

I have been thinking about what bags i will give a place in my start collection.

First of all, i´ve chosen for the shopper model and name it/her the “Jamie” ;-)

It can be made in a small, medium, large and extra large.


Second i want the bucket bag round bottom and bucket bag square bottom also in the collection, but haven’t figured out a name yet.. Any suggestions are appreciated! :-D

The round model is possible in small, medium and large and the square in a small and medium.

bucket round

bucket squareThere will be more models, but still have to choose. I’m making a backpack at the moment and think that’s also a very nice model to add to the collection!

So keep you updated!




Last (valentine) weekend, i have spent in Maastricht, in a beautiful hotel called kruisherenhotel. 

I had a wonderful time with a special person, who has been in my life for a few weeks now ;-)

It truly was a wonderful weekend.. The hotel is in an old convent and is now a very modern design hotel. In the middle, is the old church and there is the restaurant.

restaurantThe rooms are also very beautiful!


Before a delicious 4 course diner, we went into the centre of Maastricht and i got a bit spoiled there! ;-)


A skirt from Mango, Touche eclat from YSL and Valentina from Valentino! And after some shopping, we had something to drink at a cafe. So after years of not having a valentine, i got a wonderful this year! We’ll see how things go from here! :-)

I highly recommend the hotel! Had a great weekend!





NuNo Studio meeting

Hi all!

Sunday the 8th of February i had i meeting with a group of powerwomen.. All enterprising woman, in different directions, of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It was all arranged by NuNo studio  and took place in the lovely Volks Hotel.

It was very inspiring and there are some very nice things coming in the near future! Keep you updated!

I made keychains for in the goodiebags..keychainLooking back on a very nice meeting and some special projects for the future!


Will post a new blog soon, about my valentine weekend;-)

See you soon!




I’m back and here to stay!

I haven’t been posting for a while, because of things going on in my life.. Nice things, though i have to say i also have been sick for more then a week… I hear everyone around me about feeling sick.. I think it’s time for spring! But we have to be patient a little bit more..I’ve showed you two bags where i was working on and this is the end result. I think they turned out great! I like the model. A bucket bag, with a square bottom.

bucket squareI also make the bucket bag, with a round bottom and can’t figure out, wich one i like more.

bucket roundI use the one with the square bottom, as you can see on the picture, from the Amsterdam fashionweek.

fashionweekI went with diva iraida, to the spijkers&spijkers show and loved it!

fashion spijkersspijkersI also have been to the lifestyle business club winter event and i´ve met some great inspiring ladies! And… Won amazing gloves of laimbock

glovesWell this is it for now, but there are nice things coming! Keep you updated!



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